Geneva 2015

India 2015

After I returned from Geneva, I visited my local travel agents and said ” I want to to go to India and Africa, I want to fly from my countries airport, which is Cardiff Wales. Then fly to Delhi India, stay in India from 6 weeks, then fly from Delhi to Ethiopia  Spend 6 weeks in Africa, finishing in Kenya, after a safari, as until then I will be helping other people, and need to relax, before returning home.”


So I took the journey. When I was in the departure lounge of Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, I spoke to a young woman, of asian origin. I asked her where se was heading and she told me, to Nepal, as a month before they had suffered an earthquake and needed all the help they could get.

I replied that I had not planned on visiting Nepal, but as I had met her I believed I was meant to go there.

She said they needed all the help they could get.

When i had boarded and relaxed on the plane, I checked my diary and found that I would be spending 8 weeks in India and 8 weeks in Africa, not the 6 I had planned, but knew the universe knows what is best, so trusted my journey.

On  arriving in Delhi at about 6 am and the person that was supposed to meet me, Hardeep Singh Batra, was no where to be seen. 

So after contacting him via facebook messenger and having a very negative response, I took myself on the Golden Triangle Tour, visiting The Taj mahal, in Agra, then onto Jaipur, the Pink City and Amber Fort.

I then went to stay with a hindu family in Southern India, for a week, before moving on to Sri Lanka, then Nepal, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Kampala, Kiboga, Uganda, And the Masai Mara& Nairobi in Kenya.