India 2015

Geneva March 2015

When I had sold my home, 2015, I sat on my bed and said to the universe, ” Where do I go now?”

I said to myself I plan on going to India, but have been told it takes time get a visa for India.

I immediately saw a vision of a lake with snow capped mountains around them. 

As i live in Wales, I thought that could be anywhere, so asked again ” Where is this?”  the word Geneva then went across the vision. 

So next I contacted a facebook and local friend Colin, who works as a train driver for the railway. As he was always posting pictures of himself in many and varied European Cities. He arranged for us to meet up for a drink to talk about my trip.

He told me I should catch a train from our local station to London Paddington Station, then catch the underground to Kings Cross Station, next walk through to Saint Pancras Station. To catch the Eurostar under the channel to Paris, where I then caught the Metro to another Paris station, where I caught my final train to Geneva Switzerland.

The Journey took me twelve hours and 5 trains. But was the most beautiful and peaceful experience, all be it expensive of my life.